AGMARDT Associate Board Member


Due to the current Associate being appointed to the AGMARDT Board, a further opportunity is being offered to a talented individual interested in gaining Governance experience in the agribusiness sector.

This is a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Gain Governance experience
  • Gain a broad overview of agribusiness; and
  • It is a fixed term of up to 18 months

AGMARDT is an independent not-for-profit trust that aims to foster and encourage leadership, innovation and research capability within the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors of New Zealand.

The Board which meets regularly throughout the year would invite the Associate trustee to attend Board meetings and participate fully in discussion. Essentially it is an opportunity to observe and experience Governance in action within an innovative agribusiness environment.

The Associate Trustee will be given the opportunity to develop their own Governance Development programme in conjunction with the Board during their term.

We are seeking applications from talented individuals and emerging leaders who:

  • Have demonstrated leadership within agribusiness or the wider community;
  • Have the desire and motivation to take on future governance roles and make a positive contribution to agribusiness; and
  • Have broad experience within the agribusiness or forestry sectors.
    If you are interested in applying for this position, please complete the application form online or call 06 323 8766 for more information.

Applications close Thursday 28th February 2019