AGMARDT Funding Programmes

AGMARDT strategically invest in initiatives to encourage innovative thinking, research capability and collaboration and to develop emerging leaders in New Zealand’s primary sector – all with the goal of accelerating positive change and igniting a better future for food and fibres in Aotearoa New Zealand.  We do this by offering a range of fund programmes summarised below.

Please read about our different grants and also read the guidelines and additional information provided to help you determine  which is the correct funding option for you.

Applications must be submitted via the online application portal.  Before you apply, please make sure you have read the FAQ and Guidelines related to the grant you wish to apply for.

There are different elegibility requirements and guidelines for each type of grant so we strongly advise you read about each grant before you start.



Applications can be submitted anytime throughout the year but must be received by the application close date which is usually two weeks prior to a board meeting.


Agribusiness Innovation Grants

The objective of the Agribusiness Innovation Grant (AIG) is to encourage and support industry sectors and businesses to develop and implement innovative solutions to assist with transformational change within agribusiness value chains. The focus of the AIG grant is the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors. Agribusiness Innovation Grants provide an opportunity for applicants to:

    • Pursue ‘on the edge’ ideas that can transform a business or industry;
    • Speed up innovation and respond quickly to opportunities that are driven by new ideas or insight arising from the marketplace;
    • Facilitate linkages between innovative New Zealand researchers, producers, processors and marketers;
    • Gain a better understanding of world class best practices; and
    • Promote industry led innovation and collaboration linking science, producers, processors and marketers;
    • Develop and evaluate innovative ideas to a stage where they can attract other investment for further development through to commercialisation.

Capability Development Grants

AGMARDT supports initiatives that develop future leaders and improve the leadership and governance skills of individuals involved in agribusiness. There is limited depth of leadership and governance skills within the agribusiness sector, and there are those who are missing development opportunities on a regional basis, which has the potential to limit New Zealand’s ability to take advantage of beneficial market opportunities.

The objective of this programme is to deliver transformational change through individuals, encouraging capability development, long term commitment and benefits to New Zealand Agribusiness.

AGMARDT recognises the significant benefit to the New Zealand Agribusiness sector from supporting future leaders and capability programmes for individuals and groups to grow their potential through domestic and international management and leadership training opportunities including experience and exposure to global markets.

Leadership Scholarship Programme

The objective of the Scholarship is to enable and empower fresh thinkers to advance their management, leadership or governance skills so they can take on future roles within agribusiness. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate innovative approaches to their leadership development with a proposed programme of activity that will build their capability across a range of areas to have a positive impact on our food and fibres sector.

Advanced Leadership Scholarship Programme

The objective of this programme is to encourage transformational change within New Zealand agribusinesses by providing an opportunity to place talented individuals in a chosen international marketplace or a recognised executive training opportunity overseas, to deliver a transformative experience that will encourage personal development, long term commitment and benefits to New Zealand agribusiness. 

Industry & Wider Interest Groups

AGMARDT provides funding assistance to enable industry and wider interest groups to deliver effective and relevant management, leadership and or governance programmes to enhance the capability and skills of future leaders within Agribusiness. Collaboration between industry, funders and external stakeholders is encouraged.

Individual Capability Programmes

The objective of this programme is to deliver transformational change through individuals, encouraging capability development, long term commitment and benefits to New Zealand Agribusiness.


Market Insight Investments

The objective of the Market Insight Investments programme is to encourage New Zealand agribusinesses to integrate with customers in the international marketplace. The future of New Zealand agribusiness needs to be based on companies being forward integrated into customer markets. The Market Insight Investment is designed to support businesses and industry groups to gain a deeper understanding of their markets and identify and exploit potential opportunities.

AGMARDT Market Insight Investments provide an opportunity for any successful applicants to:

    • Gain consumer insight and understanding of a specific international marketplace;
    • Foster deeper relationships with their customers;
    • Target potential collaborative international partners and international alliances in key markets;
    • Develop understanding and capability of the global marketplace and global trends.

Conference Support

AGMARDT provides investment assistance to industry groups and businesses for conferences (huis, summits and forums). The aim is to support the transfer of knowledge and international expertise to conference participants to:

    • Enhance stakeholders’ understanding of the issues impacting the sector/ marketplace.
    • Facilitate the early adoption of innovative ideas and/or improved business practises.
    • Create value to their operations in producing, manufacturing and/or marketing of agri-food and fibre products.
    AGMARDT will support:

    Keynote speakers: Conference support may include international flights and domestic travel and accommodation associated with the international speaker’s participation at the conference or forum. There is an expectation by AGMARDT that the keynote speaker will be making a significant contribution at the conference and/or forum, and as such we expect they will be speaking for at least 45 minutes during their allotted session.

    E-conference capabilities: AGMARDT may also support costs associated with e-conference capabilities to enable the conference organisers to connect and bring in international speakers to participate and be involved at a conference held in New Zealand.

    Future focused conference: In addition, AGMARDT will consider broader applications from professional societies and organisations involved in the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors intending to organise a future focussed conference, event or forum.



Visiting Fellowships

The objective of the programme is to transmit knowledge and learning capability directly and through the host organisation to the appropriate New Zealand audience. The AGMARDT Visiting Fellowship may be based on a number of short visits over a compressed period of time and focussed on a specific theme and purpose. The theme and purpose for visits will be consistent with those AGMARDT strategic objectives that the Visiting Fellowship is designed to support.