AGMARDT recognises the significant benefit to New Zealand agribusiness from supporting future leaders and capability programmes for individuals and groups.

Capability grants will provide opportunities for individuals and/or groups to:

  • achieve their potential through a personalised development plan that will motivate, inspire and transform;
  • develop and advance their personal management, leadership capability and expertise;
  • provide and/or participate in management, leadership and governance programmes that make a positive difference to agribusiness and are aligned with AGMARDT’s strategic interests;
  • gain international market experiences that will inspire and promote transformational change within New Zealand Agribusiness value chains; and
  • commit to a career within NZ Agribusiness.

Capability Development Grants are available in the following categories:

Leadership Scholarship Programme

The AGMARDT Leadership Scholarship is available to outstanding individuals who will use their skills and ideas to lead change and ensure our agribusiness sector remains vibrant and sustainable.

The Scholarship is designed to enable and empower fresh thinkers to advance their management, leadership or governance skills so they can take on future roles within agribusiness. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate innovative approaches to their leadership development with a proposed programme of activity that will build their capability across a range of areas to have a positive impact on our food and fibres sector.




Who is AGMARDT targeting with the Leadership Scholarship Programme, who should apply?

  • SMEs, farmers / growers (i.e. those with small or non-existent professional development budgets)
  • Those wanting to develop their leadership and governance skills for impact
  • Those working in and committed to the food and fibres sector
  • Those who can demonstrate potential for broader sector impact
  • Those looking to support their development over 1-3 years by way of a well-thought-out professional development plan

How often are Leadership Scholarships awarded?

  • Once a year, usually during the second half of the year
  • Please refer to AGMARDT’s website for the most up to date information

How many scholarships are awarded each year?

  • It varies year to year but generally around 5

How much funding can be applied for?

  • Up to $15,000

What do you need to provide alongside your application?

  • A CV
  • A professional development plan that goes beyond completing one specific course
  • Financial commitment to your development (either personal and / or your from employer). Alternatively, a demonstration of financial need if personal or employer contribution are not options

Advanced Leadership Scholarship Programme

Scholarships are available to provide an opportunity to place talented individuals in a chosen international marketplace or a recognised executive training opportunity, to deliver a transformative experience that will encourage personal development, long term commitment and benefits to New Zealand Agribusiness in a chosen international marketplace or a recognised training opportunity.

AGMARDT offers up to six Scholarships per year to the value of up to $40,000 for each scholarship awarded. There is a minimum cash contribution requirement for this Scholarship and is for a maximum term of three years.




When should I apply for an Advanced Leadership Scholarship?

  • When you can demonstrate strong skill, expertise and experience
  • When you can clearly articulate the impact you’ll make as a leader (i.e. you can show you are doing something differently)
  • When you looking to pursue an overseas exec management programme
  • When you have a well-developed professional development plan that highlights the gap you are looking to fill with the programme you are applying for

Industry Wide Capability Development

Funding assistance to enable industry and wider interest groups to deliver effective and relevant development programmes to enhance the capability and skills of individuals involved. Both domestic and international programmes will be considered.




Who can apply for the Industry Wide Capability Development grant?

  • Industry groups looking to develop capability to deliver transformational change for the sector

Individual Capability Development

Funding for individuals that require assistance with a specific capability development programme offered domestically or internationally.




When should I apply for an Individual Capability Development grant?

  • When you are seeking funding for a single programme or defined area of skills development
  • Individuals can apply at any time throughout the year. You can find key dates here
  • Please note, AGMARDT does not often award individual Capability Grants and encourages people to apply under the annual Leadership Scholarships programme (which encompasses a broader professional development plan)

Can I apply for funding to do a Nuffield, Kellogg, Escalator or other similar programme?

  • AGMARDT provides significant direct funding to organisations as a ‘strategic partner’, to assist with providing leadership and governance training initiatives. Examples include, Rural Leaders (Nuffield / Kellogg) and the Agri Women’s Development Trust (AWDT)
  • Where AGMARDT is a strategic partner to an organisation, grants will not normally be provided to individual applicants to attend specific training provided by that organisation
  • We encourage individuals to discuss any financial barriers with programme providers to identify what options may be available