AGMARDT want to ensure there is a pipeline of talented individuals ready to take on leadership roles and drive innovation.

Capability Development Grants are available in the following categories:

Group Capability Development Grant

The objective of the Group Capability Development Grant is to enable industry and sector groups to deliver effective and transformational capability development programmes, which in turn encourages long term commitment and benefits to New Zealand’s food and fibres sector.

This Grant provides organisations/groups an opportunity to impact/support one of the following objectives:

  1. Increase entrepreneurial skills.
  2. Increase capacity to think big and differently.
  3. Increase cross-sector networking and collaboration.
  4. Increase ability to think more strategically.
  5. Increase confidence and resilience.
  6. Increase technical skills.




Individual Capability Development Grant

The objective of the Individual Capability Development Grant is to enable and empower fresh thinkers to advance their management, leadership and/or governance skills so they can take on future roles within New Zealand Food and Fibres Sector.

The Individual Capability Development Grant provides individuals with an opportunity to:

  1. Achieve potential through a comprehensive, personalised development plan.
  2. Develop and advance management, leadership and governance skills.
  3. Explore activities/experiences beyond NZ borders.
  4. Participate in unique programmes/activities that will have a positive impact on New Zealand’s food and fibres sector.



Who can apply for the Group or Individual Capability Development grant?

  • The Organisation/Group must be involved in New Zealand’s agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors with a programme that will benefit the New Zealand Food and Fibres sector

When can I apply?

  • Capability Development Grant applications are open all year round. Please check our closing dates here.

What do you need to provide alongside your Individual Capability Development Application?

  • A CV
  • A written reference

What are the co-investment requirements for a Group Capability Development Grant?

  • While there is no minimum co-investment contribution required, Trustees like to see other funding contributions from applicant or others, as this shows a commitment to the programme/initiative.

Is a personal or employer financial contribution required for an Individual Capability Development Grant?

  • We recognise not everyone has the personal means to contribute or an employer that can offer financial assistance however, where possible, Trustees like to see individual and or employer contributions as this shows a commitment to the programme/applicant.

Do you have Word copies available of the applications to work on?

  • Yes, we do have word copies of our application forms available in our portal under the templates tab, for you to draft and work on.
  • Please note that you must cut and paste your responses into the application form on our portal.  These are the only applications we will accept.

Where can I find the reporting templates (Progress and Final)?

Can I apply for funding to do a Nuffield, Kellogg, Escalator or other similar programme?

AGMARDT provides significant direct investment to many sector organisations as a ‘strategic partner’ to assist with providing leadership and governance training initiatives at subsided rates. We therefore do not provide financial support for individuals participating in these programmes. This includes (but not limited to):

  • Kellogg Rural Leadership programme.
  • Nuffield New Zealand Scholarship programme.
  • Agri-Women’s Development Trust (AWDT) programmes.

To ensure access to these programmes for deserving individuals, AGMARDT has provided additional discretionary scholarship funding to the Kellogg Rural Leadership and Agri-Women’s Development Trust’s Escalator programmes. These AGMARDT scholarships are selected and administered by these respective organisations so please contact them for further information.