AGMARDT is an independent, not-for-profit organisation established by the government in 1987 with funds of $32m which have grown to nearly $90m.

The trust’s purpose is to help ignite the future of NZ’s food and fibre sector and ensure it remains vibrant and successful for generations to come.

At AGMARDT, we’re not interested in business as usual. Instead, we work at the ‘edges’ and are willing to invest in higher risk initiatives than most other funders where there is potential for transformational outcomes.

Since our establishment, we’ve provided more than $90m of funding through more than 1700 grants.

We do this by strategically investing in three key areas through our annual grants programme:

  • Ensuring there is a pipeline of talented individuals ready to take on leadership roles and drive innovation
  • Supporting the development of early-stage ideas that we believe have the power to shape the future
  • Partnering and collaborating on cross-sector initiatives that set our sector up for future success