Our agricultural, horticultural and forestry businesses are vital to New Zealand’s economy and in turn the health and wellbeing of our communities. But let’s face it – from climate change, biodiversity loss and water quality to the changing consumer and regulatory landscape – our food and fibres sector face some big challenges.

Our sectors future success relies not just on finding solutions – which Kiwis are adept at – but working together across the industry to accelerate positive and value creation that benefits everyone.

We are here to help.


We were established by the Government in 1987 with funds of $32 million. Since then, we’ve provided more than $90m of funding through more than 1700 grants.

For more than 32 years, AGMARDT has been funding individuals and businesses to innovate, lead, and exploit opportunities, so New Zealand’s diverse agricultural sectors continue to grow.

We’re an independent, not-for-profit organisation with a track record of making targeted investments that make a positive contribution to the agricultural, horticultural and forestry industries.

AGMARDT’s trustees come from varying backgrounds and skills and through this diversity we’ve developed networks that are second-to-none. So, if we can’t help bring your idea to life, we can find someone who can. We believe in a collaborative approach to problem-solving and understand that making the right connections is what makes things happen.


We strategically target our investments into research, innovation and capability that will accelerate positive change and create value that benefits the whole sector.

We’re not interested in business as usual. Instead we work at the ‘edges’ and are willing to invest in higher risk initiatives than most other funders where we see they will have transformational outcomes.

We will fund early stage initiatives to assist through prototyping and proof of concept to the point where they can access larger funders.

Importantly we are committed to catalysing greater industry collaboration and partnership, because a unified and aligned sector with a common understanding of what needs to be done will drive exponential change for food and fibres and a better future for everyone

We invest through a range of grants, scholarships and accelerator loans.

Our application processes are easy and enabling. And we’re trustworthy, passionate and agile so make our decisions quickly.