Mana Kai Initiative launched


AGMARDT is a proud partner of The Aotearoa Circle, which today launched the Mana Kai national food roadmap at Fieldays.

We’ve supported this ambitious initiative over the last two years, focused on helping to shape and enhance the future of our food system.

“It’s been exciting and uplifting to be here are Fieldays this week, connecting with our food and fibres community and welcoming Mana Kai,” says our GM Lee-Ann Marsh, who is part of the Mana Kai Leadership Group.

“Kai plays a significant role here in Aotearoa, not only as the economic backbone to our nation, but it can also enable our communities to thrive.

“The Mana Kai Initiative aspires to strike a sustainable and fair balance within our food sector that enables economic prosperity whilst also ensuring community wellbeing/hauora and a thriving natural environment.”

AGMARDT has funded two years of deep and wide dialogue, engagement and development underpinning the roadmap. This process has confirmed a clear shared agreement that Aotearoa New Zealand has an exceptional opportunity to create a specifically Aotearoa food system that we are all proud of, with tīkanga, kaitiakitanga, and mātauranga Māori at the core.

Using a Te Ao Māori framework, Mana Kai seeks to build on the good will and hard work of our communities, iwi Māori and food sector experts, to collaborate and expand.

With agreement from growers, producers and eaters, we now have shared values, purpose, ambition and actions to enhance our food system for future generations. The Mana Kai initiative is the starting point. Next comes more kōrerorero, and commitment to eight initial actions that continue our journey towards a balanced and thriving food system.

“Mana Kai is strongly aligned with AGMARDT’s desired long-term outcomes for New Zealand’s food and fibres sector, namely a regenerating environment and a resilient and growing sector – and the critical enabler of cross-sector and cross-cultural collaboration.

“There is complexity in our food systems but working in silos is no longer possible. Mana Kai creates new ways of working with others, within and outside the food and fibres sector, through giving us a framework for collaboration that is grounded in a shared vision and values.

“It highlights both the good work the sector can continue to build upon and accelerate as well as areas for change.”