Te Hono Bootcamp

PHOTO: AGMARDT’s GM, Lee-Ann Marsh and Trustee, Ben Tosswill.

AGMARDT is a proud sponsor of the recently held 2022 Te Hono Bootcamp. Below are a few reflections from AGMARDT trustee Ben Tosswill who attended with our GM, Lee-Ann Marsh.

“What an amazing few days! It was a privilege to be part of Te Hono and meet so many incredible people in our sector. I went from one great conversation to the next with some of my thoughts and ideas validated, while also seeing new possibilities and hope for the future.   I was impressed with the vast array of organisations represented and the diversity of the attendees.

The venue was outstanding – being amongst the mountains at Aoraki/Mt Cook brought a sense of humility. Seeing evidence of climate change first hand was sobering. We learned how quickly the Tasman Glacier is retreating and the predator impact on kea numbers in the area.

I observed how biodiversity, climate change and the environment are at the forefront of many decision makers minds. This paradigm shift has come quickly and is influencing decisions today. Climate change is a human problem, not a planet problem and solutions are within our reach.

Te Ao Māori woven throughout Bootcamp was uplifting. From waiata (song) to acknowledge and thank speakers, to Tina Porou’s talk which challenged and inspired through to the spiritual elements and connectedness with the land and sea. Mātauranga Māori is key to helping us plan for the future.

The importance of storytelling and understanding how we can shift people’s mindsets was also powerful. What are the barriers to change and how can they be influenced? How do people think and what inspires change? From a farmer’s perspective, we need to own the narrative and become better at telling our story, not just for others but also to each other. Help people feel successful and create a path for them to embrace a new identity.

Balancing this will be the need for listening, especially when there are two conflicting points of view. Why do they have that view? Is there a third way of resolving the problem? Conscious listening will result in understanding.

There was this and so much more, but I’ll leave it here. I look forward to seeing how the seeds planted at this year’s Bootcamp grow. Out of challenge comes opportunity.”

AGMARDT seeking to support future leaders

Closing Date: EXTENDED to 9th October 2022!

AGMARDT will be opening applications for its 2023 Leadership Scholarships on Tuesday 6 September 2022.

The annual scholarship programme provides emerging leaders in the food and fibres sector with financial support to advance their governance and leadership skills to take up future roles within agribusiness.

It is aimed at mid-career professionals from a wide range of backgrounds across the supply chain from farmers and growers through to agribusiness and industry bodies.

“We’re looking for innovative, future-focused thinkers who want to change the world for the better and are already having a positive influence through their work and leadership,” says AGMARDT Chair Nick Pyke.

“They will have a clear and distinctive plan for their ongoing growth and development toward taking up influential roles in the sector – not just a course or two, but a diverse programme of activity that will build their capability across a range of areas.”

For example, 2022 AGMARDT Leadership Scholar Alex Worker is advancing his vision of New Zealand as the eco valley of the world, producing ethical, technology enabled food to help feed Asia Pacific more sustainably.

As the founding Chair of Future Food Aotearoa, a collective of food entrepreneurs committed to growing New Zealand’s foodtech industry, Alex is using his scholarship to complete the Harvard Kennedy School’s Public Leadership Credential programme.

“With the Harvard programme, my aim is to significantly upgrade my governance, public good thinking and leadership skills to have a greater impact on the betterment of Aotearoa New Zealand.

“I’m really grateful for AGMARDT’s support. It’s a progressive signal to take a risk on my type of profile. In turn I hope to de-risk their investment and use the opportunity to drive real, collective impact across New Zealand’s food and fibre sector.”

The scholarships, up to a maximum of $15,000 (incl GST) per scholar, are available annually and successful scholarship applicants will have the opportunity to:

  • Achieve their potential as identified through their own comprehensive, personalised development plan
  • Develop and advance their management, leadership and governance skills
  • Explore their personal development beyond New Zealand’s borders, and
  • Participate in programmes that make a positive difference to New Zealand’s food and fibre sectors and are aligned with AGMARDT’s strategic interests and purpose.

Applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, living here, who intend to maintain a career in the country’s food and fibre sectors and want to advance their leadership potential and skills and create impact.

Preference will be given, but not limited to: applicants who have not previously received AGMARDT assistance, who are involved in the agricultural, horticultural and/or forestry sectors and who are seeking new and innovative approaches to development.

They will show strong potential as a future leader and demonstrate, through a comprehensive plan, their intention to undertake a broad range of study/development.

For full details of criteria and the application process see, www.agmardt.org.nz.  Applications should be submitted via the online portal (http://applications.agmardt.org.nz/).