What we’re looking for

AGMARDT is in the business of supporting bold new ideas and leaders that will help accelerate a better future for food and fibres in New Zealand.

We do this through a range of grants and scholarships

So, what exactly are our trustees looking for when they consider applications?

Well, in short, high quality, high impact ideas!

It’s important that applicants demonstrate ‘impact potential’ that aligns to one or more of our priorities:

  • Regional resilience / growth
  • Regional or placed based leadership
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Growing economic value for New Zealand (at farm, community, regional or national level)
  • Collaboration / partnership

And we’re looking for evidence of need or demand, whether that’s about the problem that needs to be solved, the market opportunity or the capability / leadership needs that funding could support.

We’re also after an innovative approach – transformational, diverse thinking and future focused, demonstrating scalability and benefits/broader impacts that can be sustained over time.

Of course, with that we want to see evidence of ability to deliver and the right mindset. That can be demonstrated in a clear, well thought out plan, sound success measures, capable people / teams, entrepreneurial spirit, growth mindset and willingness to learn and adapt

We’ll also looks favourably on applications where industry financially contributes (whether commercial companies or industry good organisations). This signals strong support for projects and is a good demonstration of collaboration and industry commitment.

Find out more about our grants and scholarships – and check out the FAQs – here.