AGMARDT seeks sector input

Primary sector funding organisation AGMARDT is partnering with Colmar Brunton in a survey to better understand the opportunities and challenges of the food and fibres sector in New Zealand.

AGMARDT General Manager Lee-Ann Marsh says a core focus of the survey is identifying barriers to innovation.

“Our whole mission at AGMARDT is to support and develop new thinkers, innovative initiatives and emerging leaders who will help shape a positive future for the food and fibres sector.

“We want to better understand what it’s like out there, what is the experience of those considering and seeking funding and what we can do as a funding organisation to enhance our support for innovators and leaders across the sector.”

AGMARDT is inviting both past and prospective funding applicants to participate in the 10-minute survey.

“We’d particularly love to hear from anyone who may be thinking about an idea or innovation or undertaking leadership development but hasn’t applied for AGMARDT funding in the past. Your input will be extremely valuable. We thank you in advance for your time.”

The survey runs between December 2nd 2021 to December 9th 2021. You can complete it here. For every survey completed, AGMARDT will make a small donation to the Rural Support Trust.

Lee-Ann says there will also be a second phase of the project in the New Year, surveying industry influencers who advise and mentor innovators and leaders.