Partnerships is a newly formalised invitation-only grant category which may include one-off or multi-year projects or initiatives. There are strict criteria for this grant which you’ll find noted below. Recent examples of AGMARDT partnerships include Taiao Ora Tangata Ora, The Aotearoa Circle, and the E Tipu Boma Agri Summit.

If you’ve read through our requirements below and believe you have a bold idea worth us considering, you can schedule a quick chat with our General Manager Lee-Ann Marsh here.

Otherwise, we encourage you to apply through one of our open Innovation or Capability grants.

Partnerships criteria

A project or initiative that…

  1. Involves high quality strategic thinking, exceptional leadership and skilful execution
  2. Is aligned to AGMARDT outcomes, is bold, ambitious and has the power to create transformational change for New Zealand’s food and fibre sector.
  3. Enables AGMARDT to influence and shape it.
  4. Addresses future focussed gaps or opportunities in the sector and is not tied to a specific industry, organisation, or business.
  5. Is truly collaborative, bringing together different individuals and groups to achieve game-changing outcomes