Understanding the Consumers of NZ Red Meat Today

Organisation: B+LNZ
Grant Number: M17007
Grant Amount: $54,000
Grant Type: Market Insight Grants

To effectively connect the Red Meat Story to consumers we need an in-depth understanding of who the end consumers are. We need to understand the values, needs and motivations of these consumers, what is making them tick, what’s important to them, and what type of experience they expect when they purchase premium food products.

B+LNZ ability to generate and effectively use this knowledge is a key component of their future market development programme.  Funding from AGMARDT enabled B+LNZ to undertake the first significant consumer-lead research project under the market development action plan launched in November 2016.

The research enabled the development of a global set of consumer personas that capture and quantify their needs, the channels they use and more specifically the contexts in which they purchase and experience New Zealand red meat.  The personas support and have enabled the development of Taste Pure Nature, and will allow the sector to connect the right messages to the consumers who will value them the most.

The research insights will inform how B+LNZ alert the consumer to how well their product matches their need and creates a platform for predicting the trends and needs of tomorrow’s consumer.



“The sector has acknowledged that having a much stronger connection with the end consumer who values our product is essential for the successful activation of Taste Pure Nature. The support from AGMARDT enabled a programme of much deeper market research than previously possible.  We now have a greater understanding of who is buying our products, what are the needs and motivations that inspire them to purchase New Zealand red meat, and most importantly what are the future trends so we can align our value chain to meet the consumer of tomorrow” Nick Beeby, General Manager – Market Development, B+LNZ