Understanding the Californian Conscious Foodie

Organisation: B+LNZ
Grant Number: M19005
Grant Amount: $100,000
Grant Type: Market Insight Grant

Building on the segmentation work that AGMARDT part funded in 2017/18, Beef and Lamb NZ has moved forward with the next stage of its Launch of the Taste Pure Nature brand, as a pilot in California. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the campaign, they undertook a programme of ethnographic, qualitative and quantitative research to understand their target market, followed by designing and testing advertising to engage them effectively.

The ethnographic phase allowed them to identify further segments within their Conscious Foodie segment (which is focused on the health credentials of grass-fed meat, and believe it offers a superior taste and eating experience) and align these with the right content and tone of messaging to ensure effectiveness of any future campaign. The outputs helped create the initial creative ideas and direction, which were tested in two rounds of advertising testing within small group discussion, and a final quantitative testing phase.

The initial campaign results have exceeded expectations – over 18 million impressions on the first run of digital advertising, over a million views of the video, and just under a quarter of the segment consumers in California were aware, when prompted, of the Taste Pure Nature campaign.

“Having AGMARDT’s support as part of this project has meant we could do it quickly, but also do it right and give this pilot the maximum chance of success. We’ve had a hugely positive response to the campaign – from farmers, meat companies, retailers, and the Government – which has opened doors, led to opportunities to collaborate, and meant we are now looking to launch Taste Pure Nature campaign in other regions.” Hugh Good, Global Market Intelligence and Research Manager, Beef+Lamb NZ