Rural Delivery Partnership

Organisation: Rural Delivery Partnership
Grant Number: T18002
Grant Amount: $69,000
Grant Type: Thought Leadership

In 2018 AGMARDT reviewed how it could more effectively share success stories of those who received grant funding in the primary sector.  This lead to an agreement with the television programme Rural Delivery for one off financial assistance for the 2018 series.

Featuring success stories is important to both demonstrate what AGMARDT is achieving through its grant support and to share with a wider audience some of the fantastic achievements that are happening within the primary sector.

While there is a variety of rural media available, there seemed to be a noticeable reduction in available TV air time given to the primary sector good news stories around innovation, best practices and sustainability issues.

The proposed removal of NZ on Air funding for Rural Delivery and the potential that the show may not have been produced in 2018, created an opportunity for AGMARDT to both assist with maintaining free to air access to a wide primary and growing urban audience with primary sector success stories, and provide another valuable outlet to share more AGMARDT success stories, improving the understanding of the importance of the rural sector to the NZ economy, helping to create new career paths and a better understanding of where our food comes from.

“Showdown Productions and its Rural Delivery television programme is enormously proud of its association with AGMARDT who helped ensure that valuable stories from the primary sector continued to be brought to air for the 2018 series.” Tracy Mika, Executive Producer of Rural Delivery