NZ Sock Marketing Project

Organisation: NZ Sock Co Ltd
Grant Number: M17003
Grant Amount: $248,342
Grant Type: Market Insight Investment

The New Zealand Sock Company needs little introduction. For a company that’s been around for 116 years, and spanned three generations of the Sparrow family, they have certainly proven themselves to be leaders in sock technology. In recent years much of that success, particularly on the export front, can be credited to its implementation of world leading sock machines, NZ Socks own technologies, R&D and their staff.

New Zealand Sock recognizes their competitive strengths and develops technically advanced socks for some of New Zealand’s leading brands as well as exporting around the world. New Zealand Sock Company do their own market research, The In Market Grant from AGMARDT enabled them to expand on this by spending time in the countries they wish to sell into. 

The support from AGMARDT fast tracked The New Zealand Sock Company’s website and marketing material at the right time. With more focus being on Merino Wool and New Zealand Made, the new website really showcases their brand, their capabilities and loyalty to remaining to be a family owned and operated New Zealand manufacturing business.

“We believe in being a purpose led, innovative design and manufacturing business. We say we are only a day away from the rest of world, and to be able to jump on a plane and have face to face meetings has enabled us to strengthen relationships with key customers and helped us gain traction into our desired markets to meet with new international brands, AGMARDT have been a big part of this” Euan Sparrow, Managing Director