NZ Rural Leadership Trust 3 years

Organisation: The New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust
Grant Number: L17013
Grant Amount: $345,000
Grant Type: Capability Development Grants

AGMARDT have provided NZ Rural Leadership Trust with advice and financial support for the establishment and brand development of the New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust (“Rural Leaders”) and the brand refresh of its flagship programmes – the Nuffield Scholarships and Kellogg Rural Leadership Programmes.

As a result of setting up as a Charitable Trust in June 2017, the administration services transferred from Lincoln University to Rural Leaders own IT, financial and administration systems retaining an office base on the Lincoln campus.

The new organisation brand and concept of leading from the middle provided the umbrella for brand consistency with the two programmes but retaining essential components of each brand through visuals. A new central website was developed and launched drawing on the branding but maintaining two ‘shop fronts’ for marketing.


‘Leading from the middle’ is about authenticity & leading through action while inspiring others to step up.


Nuffield Scholarship Programme

  • Global focus and experiential
  • 5 Scholarships per year
  • 12 month programme
  • 18 weeks overseas travel


Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme

  • National focus & multi sector
  • 2 intakes per year
  • 24 participants per course
  • 17 days over 6 months


“AGMARDTs’ support provided the security to invest in the structure & branding and the platform to take the organisation & its programmes to the next level and continue to deliver leaders for the food & fibre industry and the rural sector” Anne Hindson, General Manager, New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust