Matt Kibble – EY Darden Executive Programme

This story was showcased in our 2019/20 Annual Report

Attending the EY Darden Executive Programme, supported by an AGMARDT Leadership Scholarship, has helped Matt Kibble grow as an executive leader.  The two-week course, held in New Zealand, is facilitated by the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business in conjunction with EY. It brings to New Zealand three highly esteemed lecturers from the university, who are leaders in the fields of strategy, marco-economic, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Matt found the live-in campus a great way to get to know many of the 40 fellow attendees, from many varying backgrounds and industries, giving great depth to the group learning.

“As a result of attending of the programme, I have noticed, and received comment on my growth and confidence as an executive leader,” says Matt.  “Being of particular value of late, agile strategic thinking and forward planning, with a higher-level perspective for factors impacting our clients and suppliers and solving current problems or inefficiencies we face as an industry.”

Matt says participating in the programme has stood him in good stead, along with the rest of the Anexa Veterinary leadership team, as they like many other businesses, have navigated through the uncertainty of COVID, and swift action restrictions of Government, while continuing to provide quality animal health care and solutions – and as business adapts to what is becoming its “new normal.”

“What next? Sees me continue to grow and develop from my experience on the programme, and applied learnings over the past 18 months, and driving the benefit of good animal health partnership on farm, for more preventative, less reactive animal health care, demonstrated in value to animal and back pocket.”

“The opportunity to attend the EY Darden Executive Programme, with the help of the Agmardt Scholarship, has invaluably developed my executive contribution and thinking to our business, and means I am better prepared as a leader to serve the needs of our clients and staff, in a constant changing environment.”