CBD – Fractionation Research

Organisation: Cannasouth Plant Research
Grant Number: A17025
Grant Amount: $20,869
Grant Type: Agribusiness Innovation Grant

Cannasouth Plant Research (ex Gentec Plant Research Limited) is a biopharmaceutical, research company based at Waikato Innovation Park, Ruakura, Hamilton.  Cannasouth has been established to focus on the research of medically beneficial attributes of cannabinoid compounds such as CBD – THC and associated chemical structures that are produced by the plant.

Cannasouth working in collaboration with Waikato University and with funding support from AGMARDT has now produced New Zealand’s first MoH approved pharmaceutical grade purity cannabinoid CBD – CDBA – THC isolate extracts.  Using raw plant material sourced from its Waikato based Industrial Hemp breeding programmes, Cannasouth has laid a solid foundation in the ongoing development of the nascent medical cannabis research sector in New Zealand.  This Masters Study on CBD – Fractionation Research, was leveraged off the first ever New Zealand based cannabinoid Super Critical Co2 Fluid extraction trial that Cannasouth conducted with support from Callaghan Innovation.

Worldwide research on cannabinoid compounds is showing genuine efficacy regards positive outcomes for human and animal health across a number of disease models.  This is an exciting emerging area of medical research with cannabinoid delivery system technologies and the science that underpins them being a key area Cannasouth is now focusing research on. Issues such as Bioavailability, Nano-formulation and Lipo Encapsulation of CBD show that there is clear potential for improved formulations and delivery methods that will increase the bioavailability of CBD while decreasing the production of undesirable metabolites.

“Having AGMARDT as a research funding partner has made a substantial difference regards getting this research project off the ground”. Nic Foreman, Director of Research at Cannasouth.