Branding and Packaging development for new full diet AFFCO approved NZ Meat based Dog Food

Organisation: Biophive
Grant Number: M17001
Grant Amount: $111,680

Biophive is contributing to the animal health movement with Roam, their new pet food, treats and chews brand. The AGMARDT grant has given Biophive the financial freedom to develop their AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) approved Free Range Grass-Fed Lamb Diet as a part of their Roam range.

Biophive are creatively combining science and nature to transform the pet food market. Roam is free from grains, gluten, added hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives, colour and sugar, with all the vitamins and minerals needed for vitality and well-being, pinpointing what dogs truly need in their food. 

AGMARDT has made it possible for Biophive to explore new business grounds and show up on a global level by funding the brand development of Roam pet food, treats and chews. This has allowed Biophive to gain insight into customer empathy and brand positioning, through external marketing services.

“We are grateful to AGMARDT, for supporting our endeavour to represent New Zealand on the world stage with Roam, a pet food, treats and chews brand that sources high-quality meat, exceeding global food and animal welfare standards, defining our nation.”