Bovine Hide Collagen for the US Wound – Care Market

Organisation: ABNZ (Advanced Biotech NZ)
Grant Number: A18015
Grant Amount: $19,900
Grant Type: Agribusiness Innovation Grant

‘ABNZ (Advanced Biotech NZ) was established in May 2016 to develop a bovine collagen operation in NZ to support the US wound-care market. The impetus came from parties in the US who recognised the emerging need for safe bio materials where traceability to safe herds was essential.

US FDA has released guidelines around the risk of BSE (mad cow disease) where bio materials sourced from controlled herds are favoured.

In the US there are 5 million patients per year that suffer from chronic wounds where collagen materials are used to accelerate healing.

ABNZ has undertaken extensive research in the US wound care market and has developed a process to manufacture Type I Pharmaceutical Grade Collagen from hides. Collagen powder was selected as the beach head product into the US market that currently sells for US$29 per gram. Research undertaken in the US suggests that the wholesale price is in the region of US$2 to US$4 / gram.

“We are very grateful for the support from AGMARDT and we are hopeful the momentum continues to build from here. If we are successful in being able to turn a cow hide into a high value pharmaceutical product with customers in the US and beyond, then the red meat sector in NZ looks a little brighter”.  Brendon Green, Founder – Advanced Biotech NZ