"Thank you AGMARDT for funding my trip to China as part of the Silver Fern Farms Study Tour Group. It was an opportunity to further my knowledge, reaffirm beliefs I held and learn more in areas I felt I had knowledge gaps." – Rick Powdrell, Federated Farmers


Market Insight Investment

The future of New Zealand agribusiness needs to be based on companies being forward-integrated into customer markets. The Market Insight Investment is designed to support businesses and industry groups to gain a deeper understanding of their markets and customers and identify and exploit potential opportunities.

AGMARDT Market Insight Investment's provide an opportunity for any successful Applicants to:

  • Gain consumer insight and understanding of a specific international marketplace;
  • Foster deeper relationships with their customers;
  • Target potential collaborative partners and alliances in key markets; and
  • Develop understanding and capability of the global market place and global trends.

AGMARDT Market Insight Investment is available in the following categories:

Consumer and Market Insight:
AGMARDT will consider funding assistance for businesses, or established industry groups, to undertake market research and consumer insight activities within specific international markets.

Establishing Collaborative Relationships:

AGMARDT will consider providing funding for businesses or industry groups to enable them to explore the prospect of developing collaborative relationships that are beneficial to the agribusiness community in New Zealand.

All market insight investments are subject to contestable funding limits.

AGMARDT Market Insight Investments are available between $50,000 and $400,000 (inclusive of GST). There is a requirement that successful Applicants will provide matching cash funding on a dollar for dollar basis.

Agribusiness Innovation Grants

Agribusiness Innovation Grants encourage and support industry sectors and businesses to develop and implement innovative solutions to assist with transformational change within agribusiness value chains.

Agribusiness Innovation Grants provide an opportunity for applicants to:

  • Pursue 'on the edge' ideas that can transform a business or industry.
  • Gain a better understanding of world class best practices.
  • Speed up innovation and respond quickly to opportunities that are driven by new ideas or insight arising from the marketplace.
  • Facilitate linkages between innovative New Zealand researchers, producers, processors and marketers.

AGMARDT provides seed funding for businesses and industry groups to develop and evaluate innovative ideas to a stage where they can attract other funding for further development through to commercialisation.

Agribusiness Innovation Grants are available in the following two categories:

Pre-trial/pre-research, or demonstration/investigation purposes:
Seed funding grants of up to $20,000 (Inc. GST) are available to applicants, without co-funding, for preliminary investigation or demonstration purposes (total project costs must not exceed $20,000 (inc GST).

Research and technology development:
Grants of up to $200,000 (Inc. GST) are available for businesses, researchers and industry groups to develop and evaluate innovative ideas to a stage where they can attract other funding for further development through to commercialisation.

AGMARDT funds New Zealand based research providers to undertake new and innovative projects that will benefit the agribusiness sector.

Investments made in Agribusiness Innovation Grants are targeted in areas that encourage and support innovative solutions in agribusiness value chains.

Capability Development Grants

AGMARDT recognises the significant benefit to the NZ Agribusiness sector from supporting future leaders and capability programmes from individuals and groups to grow their potential through domestic and international management and leadership training opportunities including experice and exposure to global markets.

Capability grants will provide opportunities for individuals and/or groups to:

  1. Achieve their potential through a personalised development plan that will motivate, inspire and transform;
  2. Develop and advance their personal management, leadership capability and expertise;
  3. Provide and/or participate in management, leadership and governance programmes that make a positive difference to agribusiness and are aligned with AGMARDT's strategic interests;
  4. Gain international market experiences that will inspire and promote transformational change within New Zealand Agribusiness value chains;
  5. Commit to a career within NZ Agribusiness

Capability Development Grants are available in the following categories:

Leadership Scholarship Programme
Scholarships are available for individuals wishing to advance their leadership or governance skills necessary to take on future leadership roles within agribusiness and beyond.

Individual Leadership Programmes
Funding for individuals wishing to advance their leadership or governance skills necessary to take on future leadership roles within agribusiness and beyond.

Executive Management Scholarship Programme
Scholarships are available to provide an opportunity to place talented individuals in a chosen international market place or a recognised executive training opportunity, to deliver a transformative experience that will encourage personal development, long term commitment and benefits to NZ Agribusiness.

Industry & Wider Interest Groups
Funding assistance to enable industry and wider interest groups to deliver effective and relevant leadership and or governance programmes to enhance the capability and skills of individuals involved, or who are intending to take on governance roles in agribusiness.

Conference Support

AGMARDT provides funding assistance to industry groups and businesses for international keynote speakers and experts (AGMARDT Speakers) to come to New Zealand to speak at conferences and forums. The aim of this is to enhance stakeholders' understanding of the marketplace, facilitate the early adoption of innovative ideas and/or improved business practices.

Travel assistance relates to international air flights and accommodation associated with the conference or forum. AGMARDT does not fund speaker fees or registration costs.

Post Doctoral Fellowships

Post-Doctoral Fellowships have been withdrawn for 2019/20. The Trustees have decided to end the dedicated post doctorate programme, in favour of broad-based science applications with commercially focused outcomes and relevance to solving issues faced by the primary sector, today and into the future. Applications can be made via the Agribusiness Innovation Grants application process and must be aligned with AGMARDTs purpose. Commercial sponsors are desirable.

Visiting Fellowships

Visiting Fellowships enable visits by recognised international experts to New Zealand to share their global expertise with researchers, farmers, industry groups and agribusinesses. Visiting Fellows usually come to New Zealand for two to three short visits over 12 to 18 months to look at a specific area of strategic interest to agribusiness and the scientific community.