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Congratulations Hawke's Bay Winegrowers

Sales of Hawke's Bay red wines to China have received a boost with a new exporting award.

Hawke's Bay Winegrowers recently won the DHL Collaboration in Export Award for their China Marketing Programme at the inaugural ASB Exporter of the Year Awards in the Bay.

The China Marketing Programme, which is strongly supported by AGMARDT, brings together 17 Hawke's Bay wineries to market Hawke's Bay wines in China.

Congratulations Hawke's Bay Winegrowers
(L to R): Michael Henley, CEO Trinity Hills and Chairman of HB Winegrowers, Sally Duncan, Te Mata Estate and James Medina, Executive Officer HB Winegrowers.

The three year programme of seminars, tastings and promotions in China received $246,000 from AGMARDT, and will run until January 2017.

Hawke's Bay Winegrowers executive officer James Medina says the China Marketing Programme is to build Hawke's Bay as New Zealand's premium red wine platform.

"The award is a great confirmation that what we are doing is a good solution for small and medium sized businesses targeting the export market in China. We are creating a stepping stone for these wineries into the export market."

The programme is targeting opportunities for Hawke's Bay wineries to source distribution in China, develop relationships with trade, media and key influencers and to increase export market sales.

A new viticulture and winemaking student exchange has been set up between Qi Lu University in Jinan, Shandong Province, to the Eastern Institute of Technology in Napier.

James was delighted by the AGMARDT funding which helped the Winegrowers "cross the line with the project".

AGMARDT general manager Malcolm Nitschke said: "It's terrific to see an AGMARDT-funded initiative being recognised for its achievements."

"The main reason we strategically invest in projects like this is the opportunity to help NZ agribusiness explore market opportunities."