The Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust, better known as<br>AGMARDT, invests millions each year aimed at exploring market opportunities, encouraging<br>innovative ideas, and development future leaders within the agribusiness sectors Support businesses and industry groups to gain a deeper understanding of their markets to identify<br>and exploit potential opportunities as well as providing funding assistance to industry groups and businesses<br>for international keynote speakers and experts to come to New Zealand to speak at conferences and forums Encourage and support industry sectors and businesses<br>to develop and implement innovative solutions to assist with<br>transformational change within agribusiness value chains Support initiatives that develop future leaders<br>and improve the leadership and governance skills<br>of individuals involved in agribusiness Building research capabilities within New Zealand’s science<br>community, in new and expanding areas of research within<br>the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors

2015 Applications Closing Dates and Board Meeting Dates

The 2015 Applications Closing Dates and Board Meeting Dates are now available. Please review this document for details.


The online grant application process has been transformed. You are now required to complete and submit your funding application online. The Trustees and management are excited about this new development as it will streamline the grant process.

To complete an online application please go to our Applications tab.