The Market Insight Investment is designed to support businesses and industry groups to gain a deeper understanding of their markets and customers.

AGMARDT Market Insight Investment’s provide an opportunity for any successful Applicants to:

  • gain consumer insight and understanding of a specific international marketplace;
  • foster deeper relationships with their customers;
  • target potential collaborative partners and alliances in key markets; and
  • develop understanding and capability of the global marketplace and global trends.

AGMARDT Market Insight Investment is available in the following categories

  1. Consumer and Market Insight
    AGMARDT will consider funding assistance for businesses, or established industry groups, to undertake market research and consumer insight activities within specific international markets.
  2. Establishing Collaborative Relationships
    AGMARDT will consider providing funding for businesses or industry groups to enable them to explore the prospect of developing collaborative relationships that are beneficial to the agribusiness community in New Zealand.

AGMARDT Market Insight Investments are available up to $400,000 and require the applicant to provide matching cash funding on a dollar-for-dollar basis.