Accelerator loans were created to support New Zealand Agribusinesses that may require additional short term capital to further enhance projects that are commercial in nature or close to commercialisation and which would not otherwise attract commercial funding.

Such applications would also not normally meet the criteria to be eligible for consideration of an appropriate AGMARDT grant.

AGMARDT Accelerator Loans provide an opportunity to initiate further business growth by assisting Applicants to:

  • Fund expansion requirements to improve capacity and efficiencies within their business and immediate supply chain;
  • Adopt new technologies, production and processing capabilities to add value within the New Zealand agribusiness sector;
  • Initiate distribution and/or marketing programmes to enhance early adoption and speed to market within the agribusiness sector;
  • Develop proven prototypes to commercialisation;
  • Fund acceptable website and software development;
  • Partially fund start-up projects in conjunction with approved commercial Bank lending where additional capital is required

AGMARDT is offering short term accelerator loans ranging from $100,000 to $300,000. Applications may be made throughout the year and all applications are to be referred to the General Manager, AGMARDT.



Who applies for accelerator loans?

  • Applications usually come from start-ups or enterprises that can play a significant role in the food and fibres sector

What are the trustees seeking in an accelerator loan application?

  • If an individual company is applying, they will need to demonstrate they are filling a critical gap

Where does AGMARDT invest via loans?

Where others won’t (i.e. there isn’t capital floating around in other spaces)

Are these loans popular?

  • AGMARDT receives few loan applications, and these are often only granted under exceptional circumstances