"The Education Trust is sincerely grateful to AGMARDT for their ongoing support and funding for the AGMARDT Market Innovation Project. AGMARDT is acknowledged as a partnering sponsor." – Young Horticulturist of the Year


AbacusBio-AGMARDT International Internship

30 August 2018

AbacusBio and AGMARDT are offering an exciting new 6-month internship programme with two openings available for the 2018/19 intake.

The internship is intended for people employed in the agri-tech, agri-business, and/or agri-food sectors, who have clear career goals in mind. Interns will gain international exposure to agri-business, agri-food, and agri-tech sectors. The internship programme will be focused on developing core and transferrable skills that can be practically applied in their role. These skills are intended to help interns progress from their current roles into higher positions as the industry’s future decision-makers. Each intern will be assigned a mentor.

Part 1: The first 6 weeks of the programme will comprise a mix of workshops and project work conducted internally at AbacusBio.

Part 2: When based in the UK, interns will work on one or more projects in areas of interest to the intern and their employers. These projects are intended to be beyond business as usual (and hence not achievable in the employee's current role) and are expected to provide the intern with the scope to consider new opportunities and challenges.

If you are interested or to download the application form, please click

Applications CLOSE 5pm on Wednesday 5 September 2018.

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